About Us

Thank you for joining us on our journey to create High Protein, Healthy, Delicious and Satisfying snacks. 

We are on a mission to help Australians make choices they can be proud of, and we won’t compromise on flavour, texture or nutrition. GYM BOY products are High in Protein, and are Ultra Low Sugar. 
When you choose GYM BOY, you're making a decision to be proud of. 
GYM BOY was founded on challenging the market and being the “Yes!” to the question “is there a better option?”. GYM BOY starting in our garage in 2018 in regional Queensland, where we fiddled around with a Soft Serve Machine and various concoctions of Protein Power to create a High Protein, Low Carb Soft Serve. Our day jobs moved us back to Sydney, where we purchased our Food Truck and spent weeks travelling around Sydney visiting Gyms to refuel people with our unique High Protein Soft Serve. 
As we grew, we realised we couldn’t get our Soft Serve to enough people, and we needed to evolve; thus the creation of GYM BOY Ice Cream and all the products which follow.
We learnt early on that no two bodies, diets or taste pallets are the same, so our GYM BOY products have a variety of flavours, inclusions and macro profiles to suit you anytime of the day, week, month and/or year.
What you’re holding/considering buying is more than just an uncompromisingly delightful snack; it’s a lifestyle. A commitment to a more balanced you. If you didn’t know GYM BOY was healthy, you would feel guilty eating it.
We can’t overstate enough how important your feedback is to our growth and development, so please feel free to slide into our DMs at any time and always remember to LIKE IT, LICK IT, SHARE IT @gymboyicecream.
Welcome to #TEAMGYMBOY,

Cian & Courtney